What is DesignBankEVM? DesignBank Enterprise Vocabulary Manager (EVM) is MMC’s base-level architecture product. EVM provides organizations with the ability to collect and categorize the Primitives of the enterprise. Primitives are the building blocks of an Architecture – items such as Activities, Capabilities, Performers, Services, Systems, and more. EVM allows a user to manually enter Primitives into the DesignBank tool, or to import spreadsheets of Primitives via an automatic loader, and then manage all Primitives through an intuitive web-based UI. All items are stored in a designated database/cloud storage container. After Primitives have been added to EVM, users can create Projects (a light-weight version of an Architecture). Once a Project has been created, users can “Scope” Primitives to the Project. Scoping is the act of selecting a subset of Primitives from each Primitive Type to be included in the Project. When scoping has been completed, a Project Inventory report (similar to the DoDAF AV-2) presents a view of all Primitives used/assigned to the Project.
  • Create/Edit Publications-Authoritative Source
  • Create/Import/Edit Primitives
  • Create/Edit Projects (Light-weight Arch)
  • Scope Primitives to Project
  • Project Inventory Report (DoDAF AV-2 style)
  • Primitive Reports
  • User Profile Management


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